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The problems of cryolithozone mining in Yakutia in conditions of global warming

WithA.A. Pomortseva, O.A. Pomortsev

The article considers the problem of global warming threatening most of the area of the Northern hemisphere lying on permafrost. In North Asia, the most likely to be affected is the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) located at the center of the cryolithozone. The objective of the study is identifying patterns in the development of the present-day warming surge in Yakutia and in hazardous changeability of climate modulated engineering-geological conditions in the locations where cryolithozone mining takes place, as well as climate prediction. Methods of mathematical modeling, rhythmic-morphological and comparative geographic analysis were used. The materials the study are based on the climatological, geographical, paleographical and engineering-geological investigations of natural systems of Yakutia (Russia). The study presents the authors concept of the hundred-year rhythm for Yakutian climate. Structural coherence in the development of climate phases has been identified in the model of the hundred-year and long-term multi-thousand-year rhythms.