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Output prediction of Semi Mobile In Pit Crushing and Conveying Systems (SMIPPC)

WithR. Ritter, C. Drebenstedt

In this paper, a structured method for the capacity determination of SMIPCC systems under consideration of the random behaviour of system elements and their interaction was developed, which can be applied for future projection of these systems. The developed method is based on a structured time usage model specific to SMIPCC systems and empirical data of the operational and the disturbance behaviour of each system element. The method is used in a case study based on a hypothetical mine environment to analyse the system behaviour with regards to time usage model component, system capacity, and cost as a function of truck quantity and stockpile capacity. Furthermore, a comparison between a conventional truck & shovel system and SMIPCC system is provided. Results show that the capacity of a SMIPCC system reaches an optimum in terms of cost per tonne, which is 24% lower than a truck and shovel system. In addition, the developed method is found to be effective in providing a significantly higher level of information, which can be used in the mining industry to accurately project the economic viability of implementing a SMIPCC system.