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WithMeike Kricke, Stefan Neubert

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book approaches the question of contemporary lessons from Dewey's 1916 masterpiece from the angle of technical philosophy as related to educational practice. It delivers a critical examination of the role of gender constructions in progressive education and how they impact on issues of co-education. The book turns to contemporary international debates on “inclusive education” and discusses them against the background of the Deweyan program. It elaborates on questions of inclusion in education. The book reconsiders two important themes of Democracy and Education, namely Dewey's accounts of “Experience and Thinking” and “Thinking in Education” that connect his views on education with his logical theory. It explores similar lines of thinking. The book focuses on an important component in the contemporary reconstruction of Deweyan pragmatism against the background of important new developments in philosophy and the social sciences since Dewey's death.