chapter  1
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Contested multilateralism 2.0 and regional order transition

WithKai He

This chapter introduces a new concept of ‘contested multilateralism 2.0’ in the Asia Pacific after the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC). Different from ‘multilateralism 1.0’ of the 1990s, which was mainly led by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), multilateralism 2.0 was initiated by non-ASEAN members either by inaugurating new institutions or by reinvigorating existing establishments in the region. Why do we witness this ‘contested multilateralism 2.0’ after the GFC? Will multilateralism 2.0 make any difference in addressing regional security and political challenges? How did major powers perceive and engage this new wave of multilateralism in the region? Will the ‘Indo-Pacific turn’ of multilateralism be a blessing or a curse for regional stability and prosperity? It is time to seriously examine the nature, processes, and impact of this ‘contested multilateralism’ as well as the future of regional order. By inviting the leading scholars to contribute their views on ‘contested multilateralism 2.0’ as well as distinctive institutional strategies of major powers, this book will shed some light on the study of multilateralism and regional security as well as offer policy insights to the policy making community in the region.