chapter  11
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“Uno Mas”

Transnational Biopolitical Labor Exploitation and Resistance in Mining Communities of the Mexico/U.S. Border Region
WithEricka Wills

This chapter is a direct challenge to biotheorization as its own reward. It uses the author’s labor activism to mediate the claims of the political in the biopolitical. Its use of the term “in-class education” extends to the lessons of the contribution, which reveals a commitment to put pressure on the terms of biotheory for praxis, especially where labor and labor organizations are concerned. Correlatives between philosophical conceptualization and bios in situ are always vexed, but in this investigation of Mexican mineworkers the resistance to biopolitics takes on a new urgency, one that extends to workplace safety, environmental concerns, and to political education. From this perspective, biotheorization is shown to be never less than the ability to riot and strike.