chapter  Chapter 4
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Hadoop Internals and Big Data Evidence

WithBhagirathi Nayak

Big data forensics is the latest type of forensics. Big data is a new technique of solving the problems accessible by huge complex data. The day-by-day growth of data, storing and analyzing is the biggest challenge. Nowadays, it becomes faster. Big data solutions have become more common and are highly situated within organizations. As such, the importance of big data systems has grown up; data is frequently used to drive organizational strategy and identify sales and many different kinds of electronic communication. The forensic estimation of such information is self-evident: on the off-chance that the information is helpful to an association; at that point, the information is significant to an examination of that association. The data in a big data framework isn’t just characteristically significant, yet the information is in all likelihood sorted out and broken down in such an approach to recognize how the association treated the information. Big data forensics is the forensic group and analysis of big data systems. Traditional computer forensics normally focuses on more common sources of data. Big data forensics is not a substitute for traditional forensics. Instead, big data forensics supplements the existing forensics body of knowledge to handle the huge, distributed systems that require different forensic tools and techniques. Hadoop is presently the most broadly embraced big data stage, with a different environment of uses and information hotspots for criminological proof. An Apache Foundation framework solution, Hadoop has been created and tried in endeavor frameworks as a big data arrangement. Hadoop is for all intents and purposes synonymous with big data and has turned into the true standard in the business and industry. Hadoop is a solid framework for imparted stockpiling and examination to a rich environment of layered arrangements and devices for big data. It is a cross-stage, Java-based arrangement. Hadoop can keep running on a wide exhibit of various working frameworks, for example, Linux and Windows, since it is worked in Java, a stage nonpartisan language.