chapter  Chapter 9
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Big Data Digital Forensic and Cybersecurity

WithPallavi Mishra

Cybercrime investigation emerged as a result of increasing digital crime due to the development of the Internet and the proliferation of computer technology. The advancement in technology and the rise in online communication have not only brought about an increase in criminal activities but also posed a challenge to law enforcement agencies on how to investigate these complex and sophisticated crimes by the use of effective tools, models and frameworks. Digital forensics, a fairly new science of study, has provided the investigators with multipurpose tools to solve criminal cases. Various investigation models and big data analytics tools like Hadoop have been developed to provide guidelines and to resolve the problem of digital data storage and help in faster processing of data. The existing world is going through the big data cohort, creating a profound paradigm shift in addressing growing cyber threats. The technological breakthrough in big data makes it possible to identify insights for immediate decisions from large-scale diversified data in real time, and big data is used as an invaluable tool in digital forensic investigation. In the above context, cybersecurity has become a matter of global challenge. Cybersecurity covers technologies, processes and practices that are designed to protect computers, networks and programs and data from various cyberattacks such as information warfare and cyber warfare. Cyber defense is a computer defense mechanism that focuses on preventing, detecting and providing timely responses to attacks or threats. The modern approach of analytics acts as a key element in leveraging cyber resilience. Big data analytics, an aid to cybersecurity, is the complex process of examining large and varied data sets (big data) to uncover information of hidden patterns and unknown correlations, which can help for better decision-making by way of tackling the data and identifying new opportunities to encounter cyber threats.

This chapter will summarize computer frauds and cybercrime and its taxonomy, information warfare, cyber warfare, cyber defense systems and big data analytics for cybersecurity.