chapter  15
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Pupil Profiles

WithPeter Brown

Profiles are extensive portrayals of pupils and cover most of the aspects of education and socialisation with which schools are concerned. They may contain details of test and examination results, specific and cross-curricular skills, personal and social development, extra-curricular activities and even experiences out of school. A typical school assessment procedure includes periodic class tests and end of course examinations. The test results are essentially diagnostic and formative, while examinations are summative. Correspondingly, there are formative and summative profiles. Formative profiles are usually compiled with the pupil, and subject to regular review. Summative profiles are concerned with the documentation of attainment and development and their major function is to facilitate transfer to the next stage of education or to employment. Course-based profiles are tied to course objectives and curricula, and standardised to the extent that statements of achievement are interpreted uniformly by different tutors in different colleges.