chapter  9
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Children’s and Adolescents’ Interpersonal-Level Correlates of Physical Activity Behavior

WithToni A. Hilland, Sarah A. Costigan

Physical activity behavior is complex, multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional, particularly during the stages of childhood and adolescence. Participation in physical activity is influenced by a whole host of factors across multiple domains. This chapter focuses on interpersonal-level correlates of physical activity for youth. Identifying and understanding children’s and adolescents’ physical activity correlates is of public health significance. The chapter provides an overview of the literature concerning children’s and adolescents’ correlates of physical activity behavior, a discussion of the key issues, and a summary of recommendations for researchers and practitioners “Why the study of physical activity correlates is important?” Behavioral theories can be applied to help explain why children and adolescents initiate and maintain physical activity behaviors, and can be used to inform intervention design, delivery, and evaluation. Interpersonal-level constructs are featured in a number of models and behavioral change theories, for example the Social Ecological Model, Health Belief Model, Theory of Planned Behavior, and Social Cognitive Theory.