chapter  11
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School and Community Policies

Implications for Youth Physical Activity and Research
WithMonica A. F. Lounsbery, Thomas L. McKenzie, Nicole J. Smith

This chapter provides an overview of the nature of school and community policies in relation to youth physical activity and research. It provides an introduction that highlights the complex problem of sedentary living and the need to increase physical activity among youth in school and community environments, and discusses both school and community sources of physical activity for youth. The chapter also provides a general description of the nature of school policy research and findings, and close with a brief overview of recommended research resources. Subsequently, near all existing physical activity policy research is descriptive or correlational in nature, and in a broad sense it has focused on assessing the policy prevalence and enactment, policy implementation, and policy associations. The chapter develops and validated the School Physical Activity Policy Assessment tool to assess district and school-level policy relative to physical activity practices at individual school sites.