chapter  17
19 Pages

New Perspectives through Emerging Technologies

WithCain C. T. Clark, Maria Cristina Bisi, Rita Stagni

This chapter is intended to provide a synthetic overview of the broad and developing landscape of novel technological solutions for the measurement and assessment of youth physical activity (PA). Considering the continuous on-going advances in the field, it provides a schematic scope-oriented outline of the possible solutions, the basic references supporting further specific in-depth analysis, highlighting key advantages and limitations. It is clear that refining and developing emerging technologies should remain a strong focus, so that adequate levels of accuracy and confidence may be established and further improved upon. Moreover, it is clear that the technologies and techniques by which PA can be measured will continue to proliferate. The chapter identifies an array of technological developments, showcasing high accuracies across PA measurement, with success in activity classification, success in identifying global position, success in quantifying intensity of movements, and even daily living, all while using various wearable, nearable, or tangible technology.