chapter  19
25 Pages

Motor Competence Assessment

WithLisa M. Barnett, David F. Stodden, Ryan M. Hulteen, Ryan S. Sacko

Assessment of human movement has a long history with many different terms used to describe movement performance and its development across time. This chapter introduces terminology applied in motor competence assessment literature to provide researchers and practitioners with important contextual information on the purpose of assessment. It demonstrates the need to improve motor competence assessment from validity, reliability, and feasibility perspectives to move the field of motor development forward, it leaves us with a question and direction for future research. An international group of motor development researchers addressed this terminology and measurement issue at the inaugural meeting of the International Motor Development Research Consortium in Le Boulard, France in 2015 and proposed that the term motor competence be used moving forward as it is a term that globally speaks to product- and process-oriented measurement of human movement; this definition was noted subsequently by Robinson et al.