chapter  21
23 Pages

Implementation and Scale-Up of School-Based Physical Activity Interventions

WithSarah G. Kennedy, Heather A. McKay, Patti Jean Naylor, David R. Lubans

This chapter seeks first to introduce the implementation continuum, different pathways to scale-up and types of scale-up. Second, it tackles key issues related to implementation and scale-up, as they apply to physical activity innovations in the school setting. The chapter provides working definitions for common terminology (e.g. implementation science, scalability and scale-up). It presents relevant implementation and scale-up conceptual models and frameworks, and process frameworks that apply to scale-up of physical activity interventions/innovations in the school setting. Third, the chapter offers recommendations for researchers/practitioners, providing the reader with examples of school-based interventions that have progressed through to scale-up. Sustainability and institutionalization are also briefly discussed, as the ultimate end goal of implementation and scale-up research. The chapter concludes that readers, whose research encompasses physical activity promotion in the broader school community setting, will take away, think about and adopt learnings to guide them toward bridging the know-do-scale-up gap.