chapter  23
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Physical Education-Based Physical Activity Interventions

WithDean Dudley, Aaron Beighle, Heather Erwin, John Cairney, Lee Schaefer, Kenneth Murfay

For more than two decades the field of physical education (PE) has been called to play a role in the public health battle against youth physical inactivity and associated non-communicable diseases. In 1991, Sallis and McKenzie advocated for an approach to PE that acknowledged the mounting evidence of health benefits associated with regular physical activity (PA) for youth. This chapter provides a focus for PE, which throughout its rich history had struggled with a ‘muddled mission’. The learning experience offered to children and young people through physical education lessons should be developmentally appropriate to help them acquire the psychomotor skills, cognitive understanding and social and emotional skills they need to lead a physically active life. Physical educators are encouraged to teach students how to set goals, evaluate progress toward goals, and make goal adjustments accordingly as a means of making experiences personally meaningful.