chapter  25
18 Pages

Classroom-Based Physical Activity Interventions

WithJo Salmon, Emiliano Mazzoli, Natalie Lander, Ana María Contardo Ayala, Lauren Sherar, Nicola D. Ridgers

This chapter describes the different types of classroom-based physical activity strategies that have been developed and tested in schools. These strategies exclude physical education and school sport. The chapter provides a critical overview of the evidence of the impact of active classrooms on child and adolescent physical activity, sedentary behavior, physical and mental health, classroom behaviors, and cognitive and academic outcomes. The chapter discusses the key challenges in implementation, emerging issues, and future directions. It differentiates between curriculum- and non-curriculum-linked and cognitively challenging active breaks. The majority of reviews identified positive effects on children’s classroom behaviors. Effects on cognition such as core executive function, and high-order executive functions were mixed. The chapter explores the impact of the classroom environment on children’s physical activity, the research reviewed was limited to indoor classrooms. There is emerging evidence of the effects of outdoor lessons and education programs on children’s learning, social engagement, and physical activity.