chapter  26
16 Pages

School-Based Running Programs

WithLauren B. Sherar, Anna E. Chalkley, Trish Gorely, Lorraine A. Cale

This chapter provides an overview of the benefits and typical features of some popular school-based running programs. It then critiques the evidence-base for these programs before concluding with some proposed future directions and implications for practice. A recently popularized, practical and cost-effective approach to providing additional school-based physical activity which falls outside of Physical Education (PE) time is school-based running programs. Upon hearing this concept for the first time, one might assume that this is an after-school training program for young cross country or track/athletics enthusiasts. Furthermore, school-based running programs have long been part of comprehensive school health programs in the United States. These have ranged from programs delivered as part of breakfast clubs, during the curriculum. The interest in school-based running programs may certainly have been helped by the growth in popularity of other grass roots initiatives taking place beyond school such as Parkrun which provide organized, free events for communities to participate in.