chapter  30
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Physical Activity Interventions for Young People and Their Parents

WithAmy S. Ha, Johan Y. Y. Ng, Joni H. Zhang, Wai Chan

Parents are an important agent of behavior change for young children. They could promote or inhibit physical activity (PA) participation of their children. Positive parental behaviors may be conducive to children’s PA behaviors. Given the importance of parent involvements in PA intervention to young children or adolescents, this chapter serves to provide an overview of recent relevant studies, including intervention programs with evidence-supported efficacy and effectiveness. It highlights ongoing and promising ones with innovative features that deserved. The chapter looks at research-based interventions that have specifically targeted mother-child relationships, with an overarching aim to elicit what might be some effective strategies to conducting mother-based PA interventions. It reviews the literature on all mother-based PA interventions. Eventually, the chapter also calls into question: are mother-based interventions really effective for increasing PA in children? PA of children was assessed by a questionnaire validated with a monitor integrating both heart rate and accelerometry measures.