chapter  34
21 Pages

Active Transport

WithErika Ikeda, Sandra Mandic, Melody Smith, Tom Stewart, Scott Duncan

Children and youth can accumulate physical activity across a number of domains, including unstructured play, participation in organized sports, and active transport. Active transport is an activity domain of particular interest due to the demonstrated associations with physical activity, regularity with which trips are made, and multiple co-benefits of shifting from passive to active transport modes. Irrespective of the heterogeneity in destination and measurement approaches, the consistency in results reporting low levels of active transport in children and youth demonstrates the clear need for strategies to support active transport modes in this population. This chapter consists of three subsections. First, it explores contemporary trends in active transport to recognize the need for active transport in children and youth. Second, summarizes contributing factors that influence active transport from a socio-ecological perspective. Finally, discusses existing interventions for active transport in children and youth, and recommendations for future interventions and research are provided.