chapter  35
26 Pages

The Role of Technology in Promoting Physical Activity in Youth

WithKelly A. Mackintosh, Dale W. Esliger, Andrew P. Kingsnorth, Adam Loveday, Sam G. M. Crossley, Melitta A. McNarry

Regular participation in physical activity (PA) is beneficial to children’s physiological and psychosocial health, as well as educational attainment. Specifically, PA is well accepted to be protective from a number of conditions, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and some cancers. This chapter considers a range of recent technological advancements and their potential role in the resolution of this conflict, as well as the sustainable promotion of increased PA and decreased SB in youth. It explores specifically, the ability of these technologies to engender physiological and psychosocial benefits and highlights the challenges and issues that remain to be resolved prior to their wide-scale implementation. Finally, the chapter discusses key considerations for the development of future technology-focused interventions. Technology is continuously changing and developing, with the nature of this progression and the time taken, varying both between and within technologies, such as between different applications of the same technology.