chapter  37
24 Pages

Exercise for Children and Adolescents

WithJordan J. Smith, Nigel Harris, Narelle Eather, David R. Lubans

This chapter aims to provide an overview of the research literature regarding exercise for children and adolescents. It outlines seminal and contemporary research evidence of the benefits of aerobic, resistance, and flexibility training, as well as recommendations for exercise prescription in this population. The chapter focuses on the ways in which various forms of exercise can be utilized to improve health-related fitness in young people. It also provides detail regarding the application of the principles to aerobic, resistance, and flexibility training, and examine an overview of prior research related to each of the specific forms of exercise conducted with children and adolescents. Children and adolescents have a greater capacity than adults to recover when performing resistance training, and it has been suggested that a 1-minute rest period between sets is sufficient for most youth. There is growing recognition of the importance of structured exercise programs for children and adolescents, which is reflected in national and international physical activity guidelines.