chapter  4
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Physical Activity Guidelines and Recommendations

WithPaul McCrorie, Anne Martin, Xanne Janssen

The main goal of Physical Activity (PA) guidelines is to provide a structured and systematic set of evidence-based statements/recommendations that guide the public to improve their health through PA. A child is often referred to as physically inactive if they do not meet the PA guidelines. However, an active child can at the same time be a sedentary child; e.g., the child engages in 70 minutes of moderate to vigorous PA per day but spends the rest of the day seated behind his/her computer. Sedentary activities can include but are not limited to reading, sitting in a stroller/buggy, and watching a movie. The dose-response relationship can have different forms: for example, a dose-response relationship can be linear, which means that every added unit of something results in a consistent added health benefit. Sedentary behavior is defined as any waking behavior with an energy expenditure of less than 1.5 metabolic equivalents.