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Improving city resilience through demand and supply urban dynamics

WithD. Chondrogianni, Y.J. Stephanedes

This research is part of a PhD study that aims to evaluate the expected effectiveness of urban planning methods and policies based on their contribution to city resilience. Toward this goal, this research aims to identify the dynamic causal relationships between demand and supply in the use of urban spaces. On the supply side, the structure and dynamics of the processes that decision makers follow is a main subject of the research. Based on the process dynamics, the research identifies the main performance indicators that decision makers, such as local stakeholders and municipal actors should monitor in order to evaluate urban regeneration master plans and select the optimal one. On the demand side, the key causal factors and elements that attract or displease citizens in urban public spaces are identified. The case study focuses on urban Patras coastal hub, which has been a major redesign topic over the years.