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Well-being, perception, participation and mobility strategieS. The sustainability of the contemporary city.

WithM. Lisi, F. Fratini, A. Cappuccitti

Transport is currently one of the major problems for the credibility of European governments towards international climate agreements (COP-21, UN-Habitat). The evolution of means has above all changed the life of the community and greatly influenced its socio-economic development. The costs of health and congestion, among other things, are draining billions from our economy every year (WHO). For these reasons a major commitment is required to get people out of the cars and to encourage active mobility. The achievement of these objectives presupposes a change of paradigm in the Planning Strategies based on the needs of the citizen, also thanks to the support of new information technologies. The empirical research will have a specific focus on the study of the PPGIS tools for the construction of surveys. The potential application of the results obtained will contribute to an implementation of methods and tools in participatory processes for research, planning or policy implementation.