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The walkability of a city with difficult terrain – evaluation of barriers to use of spatial qualities for users and main guidelines for improvement

WithI. Mrak

The walkability of a city is an important factor in promoting health in urban environments. In urban environments with difficult terrain, it is a bigger challenge to make it possible for all social groups to make the best use of their environment. The goal of research is to: identify the paths most likely to be used by people with reduced mobility (including chronic illnesses), parts of greatest interest and landscape quality (parks and heritage areas), the overlapping or lack of it, identifying barriers in space, and possible interventions. The approach will be tested on the case study of city of Rijeka, which is largely a vertical city on difficult terrain. The research continues on the research on accessibility and spatial inclusiveness of cultural spaces in Rijeka presented at the conference of DfA Europe network in Pescara in 2018, and the present project Inclusive Campus for University of Rijeka.