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A citizen science approach to assess the perceived walkable environment and identify elements that influence pedestrian experience at the University of Malta

WithC. Cañas, M. Attard, M. Haklay

The aim of this ongoing research is to develop and test a participatory method based on citizen science principles to systematically assess perceived walkability and identify the elements of the walkable environment (WE) that influence pedestrian experience. To do so, an empirical study at the University of Malta Campus will be conducted, where volunteers can significantly contribute to the research by collecting georeferenced subjective and objective observations of the WE as they go about their daily routines. Such data will be spatially aggregated and statistically analised to assess the degree and the spatio-temporal distribution of the perceived walkability within the study area. Once the study is concluded, a data quality assessment and the interpretation of the research outcomes will determine the suitability and effectiveness of this innovative approach.