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Freewheeling thoughts about public space

WithM.R. Ronzoni

Starting from the definition of public space, this paper focuses on the changing meanings and functions of public space over time and it tackles the following questions: what is public space today, where and how can we enhance it, regenerate it, and integrate it? The context investigated is the municipal area of Bergamo, where a section of the transversal municipal territory that goes from the historic boroughs of the lower city to the extreme municipal periphery was examined. If the objective is to enhance these spaces and regenerate them, it is necessary not only to locate them, but also to relate them among one another and to ensure their accessibility, continuity and above all visibility. This is made possible by employing the maps that we have called Usage Maps. These maps help identify the degree of use of public spaces and their potential. Also, they help the population perceive public spaces for the role they currently have and can take up in the future, use them more effectively and with greater satisfaction, live them and live them for a longer time.