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The node-place model to improve walkability in railway station catchment areas to promote healthy city environments. An application to the municipality of Cercola (NA)

WithG. Carpentieri, C. Guida, L. Faga

This contribution presents experimentation of research on urban accessibility applying to professional consultancy work, done by the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II, for the city of Cercola (NA) to support the edit of the City Master Plan. One of the more complex challenges in urban planning is the poor connection between the transport system and the land-use pattern, which encouraged the use of the private car as the first means of transport, polluting and overcrowding urban areas. In this study, we propose the application of Node-Place method at the station level to improve the urban quality of life, safety and economic condition. The city of Cercola is in the periurban area of Naples, through the application of Node and Place model at the local scale, we defined the potential solutions to make the city more accessible and the definition of sustainable mobility solutions.