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Open source data and tools for disaster risk management: Definition of urban exposure index

WithR. De Lotto, C. Pietra, E.M. Venco

Nowadays, natural hazards have huge social and economic impact in urban areas because urbanization and economic development increase people and physical and economic assets’ concentration and therefore exposure in high-risk prone areas. Authors start from their previous researches related to urban exposure definition and urban function Exposure Index calculatron. Many scholars have outlined the importance of using geospatial technologies and up-to-date and accurate information from many different sources in all phases of Disaster Risk Managment using data collection also from the public, Volunteered Geographic Information. Authors identify the availability world-class open datasets related di DRM underlining differences and similarities among official data and VGI data, suggesting also how to implement maps and info necessary for the Exposure Analysis and DRM. At last, they provide a brief review of applied case study of VGI-open data-DRM in Lombardy Region.