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Sensitivity analysis and the alternative optimization of the pedestrian level of service: Some considerations applied to a pedestrian street in Greece

WithT. Campisi, A. Canale, G. Tesoriere, S. Basbas, A. Nikiforiadis, P. Vaitsis

Pedestrian and cyclable mobility can offer environmental, social and economic benefits to the cities. These two modes of transport belonging to sustainable transport alternatives. Policymakers promote these means of transport in order to reduce the emissions of private’s car usage. The growing demand for pedestrian and cyclable mobility requires the policymakers to make interventions to some infrastructures, especially in urban areas. Such interventions can be assessed either ex-post or ex-ante through the examination of the Level of Service (LOS). Therefore critical points can be intentified in the event of congestion. In the framework of the present paper a comparison of scenarios referrred to mixed traffic in an area located in the Municipality of Kalamaria, Greece is made.The interaction between the various modes of road traffic is taken into account in the analysis