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Methodology for data processing for road accidents that involve vulnerable road users. the case of Brescia

WithG. Maternini, M. Bonera, M.G. Speranza, C. Archetti, M. Martinello

Road safety is a major concern that Authorities aim at tackling especially in urban areas, where most of the accidents involving vulnerable road users occur. The availability a fact-finding background and performant tools to support the interventions can be beneficial, also to manage resources more efficiently. This research aims at devising an automatic tool to simplify the identification of critical aspects and associate them with specific interventions to improve road safety. The earlier step consists in collecting and analysing road accident data and then identifying prototypical accident scenarios, based on infrastructure characteristics. Thanks to the latest Agreement signed by the University of Brescia and the Prefecture of Brescia, researchers will have access to the Police records of road accidents occurred in Brescia, to collect data to perform targeted analyses. The paper shows the first results of the research, with a focus on road accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the city of Brescia.