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Analyses of factors influencing children behaviour while crossing the conflict zones at urban intersections

WithI. Ištoka Otković, A. Deluka-Tibljaš, S. Šurdonja, A. Canale, G. Tesoriere, T. Campisi

Statistical analyses at World level show that traffic accidents are main reasons of death for adolescents and second reason for death of children aged 5 to 14 years. Pedestrian crossings are areas where there is high risk of conflict between pedestrians and vehicles and this is why in this paper research and analyses of children behavior while crossing intersection conflict area (street) is done. Field data were collected in three different cities: Osijek and Rijeka in Croatia and Enna in Sicily, Italy. The aim was to establish what and how influences children behavior while crossing the street at a signalised intersection. Different parameters regarding both children and their behavior and street conditions were registred for approximetly 300 children in every city and correlated to the time spent while crossing the street.