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Elderly mobility under the microscope: A multidisciplinary perspective

WithE. Pantelaki, E. Maggi, D. Crotti

Mobility in later life is a key determinant in modern societies dealing with ageing population. Despite being studied in medicine, sociology and transport, this topic displayed findings which have been exploited within each discipline. Potential spillovers have thus not been pointed out yet. Contributing to filling this gap, this study is a multidisciplinary systematic review aiming at informing about the impacts of elderly mobility on dimensions of well-being and quality of life. We searched for peer-reviewed articles published from 2010-2019 by scanning different electronic databases (Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed and TRID). 78 studies met the inclusion criteria, of which 70% come from medicine, 16% from sociology and 14% from transport literature. Interestingly, a large variability in ways to define the mobility of the elderly was detected, together with a number of discipline-specific measures and related effects. Since the topic of elderly mobility is indeed multidisciplinary fruitful sinergies among scholars are strongly encouraged in the future.