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An operational framework for healthy regeneration practices

WithT. Congiu, A. Plaisant, S. Unali

In contemporary society, health promotion extends to daily dimension of the individual and the environment. As a result urban planning programmes and networks involving cities worldwide, such as the Healthy Cities Network program are embracing the principles of public health into their goals.

The perception of a good quality of life is closely related to the interaction between people and space. Thus, the design of the living environment in its various aspects (Burton&Mitchell 2006, Edwards &Tsouros, 2008) becomes critical and needs to be oriented (Capolongo et al. 2018).

The aim of the paper is to provide a reference framework with guidelines for decision-makers with which to inform and evaluate public policies and practices of urban regeneration programs with respect to urban health principles. The implementation of the operational framework in a peripheral district in Cagliari (Italy) is proposed as an example.