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Gamification for the enhancement of urban spaces: Cases and tools

WithM. Sciaccaluga, I. Delponte

Real catastrophic events, such as the fall of Ponte Morandi in Genoa and alternative visions from the work of the contemporary artist Christo Yavachev, provide a starting point to reflect on how the citizen often has only partial knowledge of the territory with its potential and criticality. In a condition of necessity, a particular form of readjustment, known as resilience, leads the citizen to adapt to the modified environment, exploiting it synergistically and discovering it in a new and in-depth way. From this observation, the need for a different kind of interacting elements emerges: a tool capable of increasing the awareness of the city, the infrastructures and the urban landscape in citizens, the real users of spaces and public works. Participatory planning, in which the opinion of citizens has a role in the creation of policies and implementation projects, has more and more scope of action and intends to increase its work also using ICT to facilitate the process.