chapter  10
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Shifts and paradoxes of gender over the course of a career

WithPatricia Sunderland

This chapter aims to examine how gender definitions and dynamics have played out over the course of a career in anthropological consumer research. The everyday work of consumer research, as a look into some of the most mundane, quotidian practices, also served as powerful corrective nuance to many of the simplistic statements one often hears repeated as gender truths. The movement toward fluidity in terms of identity and our comprehension of gender and sexuality, often pointed to as part of third wave feminism, has clearly taken root and grown. Anthropological consumer research has served to provide a fine-grained ethnographic eye on everyday realities – one that can help fuel escape from simplicity and consequent over- and understatements of gender truths. Arguably, in terms of gender, the realm of the mundane quotidian really matters.