chapter  10
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Saint George From Greater Poland

Complexities of the Reception of Albrecht Durer's Engraving
WithJoanna Sikorska

Studying the reception of Albrecht Durer’s art opens up a particular perspective on this phenomenal artist, who enjoyed a special status and truly international renown already in his lifetime. Importantly, analysing the artistic reflections of his oeuvre may sometimes reveal new aspects of the original works. Such conclusions may be drawn when one investigates the sixteenth-century resonance of Durer’s Saint George. This chapter focuses on the tombstone of Ambrozy Pampowski in Sroda Wielkopolska, where the programme of the printed prototype interweaves with a commemoration of the dignitary from Greater Poland, an important figure at the Jagiellonian court at the turn of the sixteenth century. In earlier studies of the engraving in question, researchers focused on the banner atop the saint’s lance. Ambrozy Pampowski’s tombstone shows him in full plate armour, standing in slight contrapposto. The creation of Pampowski’s tombstone before 1510 exemplifies a fast reception of Durer’s engraving.