chapter  7
20 Pages

Gender, development and security

WithJeni Klugman

This chapter examines a wide range of development challenges – including economic opportunities, education, health and leadership – with a gender and security lens. It analyzes the gender dimensions of these issues, the underlying problems, and what scholars and policymakers have learned to close gaps and advance gender equality, development and security. It reviews the findings generated by the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Index, which assesses the treatment of women and girls in 167 countries in terms of inclusion, justice and security. Many countries have been moving in positive directions, but most countries continue to have mixed track records. Although the problems are multidimensional and formidable, the good news is that concerted efforts can continue to change norms, laws, policies and the facts on the ground. Top priorities include the expansion of educational opportunities for girls and women, as well as supporting leadership initiatives for girls and women.