chapter  3
30 Pages

A Blockchain-enabled edge supported e-challan mechanism for content-centric Internet of Vehicles

ByAli Nawaz Abbasi, Tashjia Anfal, Muhammad Maaz Rehan

Vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) are getting the attention of researchers to contribute to building a smart transportation system, improvising road safeties to ensure safe driving, disbursement of traffic conditions to ensure hassle-free driving towards the destination, and most importantly, encouraging towards autonomous vehicles The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping homes to smart homes, health services to smart health, and VANETs to the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). This chapter discusses the use of both content-centric networking (CCN) and Blockchain in IoV in referred research studies. It enlightens the readers on the emerging network technologies with their applications. Research motivation is also discussed. The chapter presents an e-challan system for offensive events in the CC-IoV based on Blockchain, which can significantly reduce the mishandling of data resulting from human errors. It also talks about studies conducted towards developing an immutable and tamper-proof trusted data structure.