chapter  6
31 Pages

Security and privacy issues of blockchain-enabled fog and edge computing

WithImane Ameli, Nabil Benamar, Abdelhakim Senhaji Hafid

The concepts of nodes, computation, decentralisation, and distribution nature are held in common by blockchain and fog computing. In addition, both technologies are designated, in different research, to fulfil Internet of Things (IoT) requirements where blockchain is a key enabler to cope with security and privacy issues and fog computing is a key enabler to cope with computation, storage, and networking services. This chapter discusses the integration of blockchain with fog computing with the objective of securely sharing data and by preventing unauthorised users to access data. Blockchain technology has redefined the concept of a traditional database and changed the way of controlling transactions carried out between different parties in the network. It offers a distributed ledgers which keep track of all transactions committed and where the control is performed by all the nodes interested in participating in the blockchain network.