chapter  7
29 Pages

Scaling edge computing security with blockchain technologies

WithPau Marcer, Xavier Masip, Eva Marin, Alejandro Jurnet

The significant differences shown between cloud and edge paradigms are highly emphasised when addressing security. This chapter considers a scenario, which consists of an edge network, composed by clusters of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, connected to the cloud through Internet. It explains that the edge paradigm requires an innovative security architecture designed to be as flexible as the edge would be, while at the same time scaling up similar to cloud. The chapter's aim is to discuss on the challenges to be faced towards securing the set of edge elements and clusters of edge devices within the edge network. It also describes the architectural challenges when trying to secure the edge, as well as the unfeasibility of securing the edge using cloud computing. The chapter concludes that blockchain benefits to guarantee security provisioning for edge systems would keep growing as long as research efforts devise innovative solutions to mitigate current drawbacks and limitations.