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Development of Anticipated Physiological Falls Prevention Ingenuities Bundles: A Preliminary Report

WithGoventhamah Subramaniam, Aini Ahmad, Zarin Ikmal Zan Mohd Zain

Anticipated physiological patient fall is one of the classifications of falls which is on the rise despite all the fall preventive measures implemented. Many health institutions have developed fall initiatives for inpatient fall prevention. However, due to inadequacy of fall prevention measures and interventions taken could be one of the reasons of increase incidences of anticipated falls. The objective of the study is to identify and develop new ingenuities bundles towards the prevention of Anticipated Physiological Fall. A triangulation technique was used in the development of ingenuities bundles which consisted of three main approaches such as Focus Group Discussion, Expert Interview and Document Analysis. The samples were selected based on their experiences as witnesses to fall incidences at the hospital. The nursing task force dealing with fall incidences participated in the two sessions of Focus Group Discussion, for conceptualization and elements development. Twelve registered nurses from various clinical areas were recruited for structured expert interviews for conceptualization and development of items. Retrospective document analysis was conducted on fall incidences. A computer assisted qualitative content analysis was done with the aid of Atlas.ti. software. A total of five ingenuities bundles were developed. The bundles included reminder on 2-hourly rounds, specific assessment during nursing rounds, consultant checklist, bed side rail modification and patient – family education. From the findings, it is recommended that the developed bundles will be used on prevention of anticipated cases.