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Being Tactful: Communication Skill Training in Managing Challenging Situations for Novice Pediatric Nurses

WithAnnamma Kunju, Aini Ahmad

There may be numerous situations that challenge the communication skill competency of newly graduated nurses in the Pediatric unit. Newly qualified nurses employed in a specialized unit like Pediatrics need effective communication skill training because of the complexity of dealing with both a desperate, dedicated parent and a child with medical needs. The purpose of the study was to develop and evaluate a communication skill training program for new graduate nurses in dealing with clinical communication challenges in the General Pediatric units. Purposive sampling was used for the recruitment of the participants. A two-day communication skill workshop was conducted using (1) brief presentations; (2) video on effective communication skills; (3) small group experiential learning using role play simulation based on real clinical experiences of participants; and (4) debriefing. Participants completed questionnaire after the workshop. Thirty-two participants completed the two-day workshop. The questionnaire response shows that the training was useful, would be helpful for their daily pediatric nursing practice and would recommend the training to Pediatric staff. Qualitative feedback was greatly positive. Overall the communication skill workshop is highly valued by the participants in improving confidence in communication skills.