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Four-Handed Method Improves Neonates’ Comfort During Suctioning

WithNova Fajri, Yeni Rustina

Hospitalized neonates experience discomfort during suctioning procedure in intensive care unit. This study aimed to identify the effect of four-handed method in suctioning procedure on the neonates’ comfort whom hospitalized in an intensive care unit. This study design was quasi-experimental using purposive sampling technique to choose 20 preterm low birth weight neonates. Controls (N=10) received routine technique while the intervention group (N=10) received four-handed suctioning technique. Data analysis was conducted using independent T test. The result showed that the implementation of the four-handed suctioning increases the comfort level of the neonates during suctioning. This was proved from the stability of the oxygen saturation as well as the increasing score of well-being. The oxygen saturation was significantly higher in the intervention group compared to the control group (p=0.038) while well-being score was higher in the intervention group (p=0.001). No significant differences were found on neonatal heart rate. Four-handed suctioning techniques can be used as an independent nursing intervention and a procedure remains at suctioned the baby in the hospital.