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Quality of Life in Elderly with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Aceh Regency

WithYunita Sari, Kartini Hasballah, Suryane Sulistiana Susanti

Aging is now an important issue throughout the world including Indonesia. The number of elderly people in Indonesia is increasing with the incident of various chronic diseases that accompany it, one of which is rheumatoid arthritis. Several problems often experienced by elderly people with rheumatoid arthritis, not only physically but also psychologically. This causes a change in their quality of life and had effect on their daily life functioning. The quality of life of patients with rheumatoid arthritis is influenced by several factors, such as increasingly weak physical conditions, poor personal relationships, lack of opportunities to obtain information and new skills. This literature review aimed to determine the aspect and several factors influencing the quality of life of the elderly people with rheumatoid arthritis. Several databases such as PubMed, CINAHL, Science Direct, Google Scholar were used to search the articles published from 2010 to 2019 in English that combined the search terms “quality of life”, “elderly quality of life”, “Rheumatoid arthritis”, “Elderly chronic disease’ and “quality of life and chronic disease”. This study provides an overview of each quality of life domain in the elderly with rheumatoid arthritis. The quality of life domains consists of physical, psychological, social relations, and environmental health.