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Depression and Nutritional Status of Teenagers Following 2016 Aceh Earthquake

WithAsmaul Husna, Sulastri, Marthoenis

The earthquake that occurred at Pidie Jaya in 2016 while destroying the physical parameter such as buildings and road, it also had caused a trauma. It will cause the dietary habit disturbance which affected the nutritional status. This research aims to investigate the rate of teenage depression, nutritional status and the relation between depression with the level of nutritional status of the senior high school students in Pidie Jaya District who were victim’s of 2016 earthquake. Using a random sampling method, a total of 256 samples were selected. It revealed that 34.4% did not have the depression symptoms, 33.2% determined with mild depression, followed by 21.5% by moderate depression while heavy depression was observed 10.9%. Concerning nutritional status, it was found that 8.6% was extremely underweight, 17.6% was underweight, normal weight in 62.9%, overweight 5.9%, and obese 5.1%. Based on statistical analysis, it was found that no relationship between the depression level with the nutritional status (p>0.005). It is important to provide basics information concerning the importance of disaster mitigation knowledge and maintaining the good nutritional status for high school students in a disaster-affected or prone area such as Pidie Jaya.