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Utilizing Educational Media of Disaster Mitigation on Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness for Inpatient Families in Hospital

WithCut Husna, Muzar Hafni, Mustanir Yahya, Hajjul Kamil, Teuku Tahlil

Disaster may threat and disruption for community’s lives. Hospital is the front-line and evacuation sites for critical disaster events. Disaster mitigation education through media such as leaflet and flip chart are tools used to provide information. The disaster reduction was carried out by increasing disaster preparedness that includes knowledge, emergency planning, disaster warning system, and resources mobilization. The purpose of study was to examine effectiveness educational media of disaster mitigation preparedness for inpatient families in hospital. This study is a comparative study with sample independent t-test. The population was inpatient families using proportional stratified random sampling of 45 respondents for each group. The data were collected using the standard questionnaire of disaster preparedness from LIPI-UNESCO/ISDR and educational disaster mitigation from National Disaster Management Agency. Intervention both groups were delivered of educational material related to disaster mitigation for 40 minutes for one intervention each group, then was evaluated using the questionnaires. The findings of this study showed there were significantly effective using flip chart instead of leaflet on knowledge level between two groups with p value = 0.024 (α = 0.05). The nurses are recommended to provide flip chart as printed educational media in educating the inpatient families in hospital settings.