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Organizational Factors of Patient Safety and Handover in a General Hospital

WithHenki Adisa Putra, Endang Mutiawati R, Hajjul Kamil

Patient safety is currently a major concern for nurses in improving the quality of health services. One of the most important activities on patient safety is a handover by the nurse. Data shows that 70% of medical errors and treatments that can threaten patient safety are caused by poor handover activities. There are several organizational factors about patient safety that affect the success of handover activities by nurses. This type of this research is quantitative with cross sectional study design. The research population was 173 people of all nurses in the Inpatient ward of a General Hospital. Instrument to measure organizational factors about patient safety used was the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The instrument to measure nurse’s handover was carried out using instruments developed by Arianti. Data were analyzed with the chi-square test and binary logistic regression with the stepwise method. The results showed that the variables of organizational factor about patient safety and enabling factor, enacting factor, and elaborating factor had a relationship with nurse handovers (all p-values = 0.000) and enabling factors were the most significant predictors related to nurse handovers in the Inpatient ward (p-value = 0.000) with OR 116.999 after being controlled by the enacting factor. All organizational factors regarding patient safety have a relationship and enabling factors are very significant factors related to the successful implementation of handovers by nurses in the Inpatient ward.