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The Effectiveness of Positive Self-Talk Interventions on Increasing Coping Mechanisms in Preventing Bullying

WithMeutia Chaizuran, Teuku Tahlil, Syarifah Rauzatul Jannah

Bullying in adolescents is one of the common problems in schools that has destructive effects. During this period, adolescents have a need to accept and to be accepted by their peers. Coping mechanism is a way in which overcoming the changes faced or the burden received by the body so that the burden can cause a non-specific body response, such as stress leading to depression and anxiety. As a result, a certain intervention is needed to improve coping mechanisms in preventing and anticipating bullying. One of the interventions that can be used is positive self-talk that can change negative thinking into positive thinking. Related to above problem, this study was going to improve coping mechanisms in preventing bullying by using positive self-talk interventions. To get the data needed, this research conducted a Quasi-experimental study with pretest and post test groups from junior high school students totaling 100 respondents. The results proved that there was an increase in the mean value before and after the intervention given to the experimental group with p value 0.00 <α 0.05. As conclusion, the effective positive self-talk interventions are good to be given to improve coping mechanisms in preventing bullying among junior school students who need the certain mechanisms to overcoming their problems using their own efforts.