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Family Empowerment of Patients with Hypertension in Preventing Stroke

WithMarlina, Badaruddin, Fikarwin Zuska, Rahayu Lubis

Stroke is a disease that occurs suddenly without being accompanied by initial symptoms. Aceh is the highest morbidity and mortality rate of 16.6 percent. The Acehnese have family members with a paternalistic and fatalistic influence on decision making to prevent strokes. The purpose of this study was to empower family members of hypertensive patients to prevent stroke and produce a family health empowerment model of hypertensive patients to prevent stroke in accordance with the local culture of Aceh. Participants in this study were family members of hypertensive patients, totaling 32 participants, located in the coverage area of the Banda Aceh. The research was conducted from February to October 2017. The research method was qualitative, the type of research using Participatory Action Research (PAR). The results showed that participants were empowered in recognizing family health problems, Conclusion: Family members of hypertensive patients are empowered in preventing strokes in the Banda Aceh. Recommendation: Empowering the family health of hypertensive patients to prevent stroke is very important to reduce morbidity and mortality due to stroke.