chapter  11
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Zines, the DIY Ethic, and Empowering Marginalized Identities

WithJoe Mageary

Emerging from the arts- and countercultural movements of the mid-20th century, self-published magazines, or zines, have evolved to be sources of do-it-yourself activism and identity empowerment. This chapter documents and discusses how zines can be, and are, used as forms of crafting and activism, or craftivism, within art therapy contexts. Additionally, the chapter explores some of the ways in which zine engagement promotes learning, healing and an association with supportive communities, particularly within marginalized or underrepresented groups. The argument will be made that zines provide a fertile ground for art therapists to engage with their clients in co-constructing both meaningful acts of resistance to oppression and connection to experiences of empowerment. As an example, the impact of the third wave feminist movement known as Riot Grrrl on zine craftivism will be highlighted.